Seymour Powell creates new Hozelock gardening products

Good news for those who grow their vegetables at home are getting more frequent. This practice is growing big as a life style, relevant products are also getting better. Here is a post, about this well done project by Seymour Powell for the garden brand Hozelock, I found on Design Week.

“Seymour Powell has created the new Growbag Waterer and Flexi Spray for garden brand Hozelock.”


The new products form part of Hozelock’s drive to ‘to minimise consumer hassle through new and innovative products that would grow the business’, according to Seymour Powell.

The new Growbag Waterer automatically irrigates plants for up to a fortnight, using a capillary action. It uses a large trough with watering spikes that push a capillary mat into the growbag, aiming to minimise water waste and improve efficiency by absorbing the water upwards as opposed to watering down.

The Flexi Spray adaptable hose attachment works as a sprinkler, a long reach hose for hanging baskets and a hands free hose, with a ‘strong spray function for cleaning’, according to Seymour Powell.

The product uses patented twist action engineering, and the consultancy says it can ‘withstand at least 2000 different orientations and twists on every single millimetre point without breaking.’

The consultancy initially reviewed the Hozelock offer to identity different gardening ‘attitudes’, including Devoted, Systematic, Romantic and Averse.

Seymour Powell then looked at how irrigation fitted into the lives of each of these gardening ‘types’ to develop a range of products, which it says are also influenced by the brand’s Gardening for Life focus.

More products design by Seymour Powell for Hozelock are in the pipeline.


Crunchd – a new social network for vegetable growers

CrunchdPoste_342Bristol-based consultancy Synth Media has created designs for Crunchd, a new social networking platform for people who grow their own produce.

The consultancy was responsible for the branding, functionality, app and website designs, and was brought in to work on the project through a recommendation.


Using a standalone site, Facebook page, iOS or Android app, users can share seasonal sowing and growing advice, tips, recipes, photos and inspiration.


Growers log in to add information about their location and the produce they grow, allowing them to exchange relevant advice with others.

There is also a section where users can buy Crunchd branded seeds and exchange their produce.

Synth Media was briefed to create a ‘quirky’ look for the platform by Crunchd founder Toby Montague.


As well as creating the designs for the online platforms, Synth Media also designed the packaging for the Crunchd seeds that are sold through the site.

The identity uses had-rendered typography and a series of illustrate  with icons used for different fruits and vegetables in ‘cheerful and organic’ colours, according to Synth Media. These icons are also used in a series of badges, awarded to users for achievements such as watering, or singing to their fruit and veg.

Chris Edwards, Synth director, says, ‘We wanted to create something that looked really welcoming. I think the quirkiness was a really key factor. The icons and things use a hand drawn look  – we really wanted to push Toby’s personality’.

The Facebook, iOS and Android apps are currently in testing stage, and are due to launch fully this week.



Via Design Week