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‘Cake’ Fashion Video [food art]

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Cake is a fashion video — a sort of long form commercial, but artier — directed by Stephen Blaise for Fly 16×9. The 20 minute long videos (which are cut from a 4 hour and 18 minute installation piece) feature models wearing designer clothing meticulously devouring entire cakes. The videos comment on design, consumption and body image in the context of major designers: Miu Miu (mocha cake with cherry blossoms), AF Vandervorst (chocolate mocha dome), Prada (mirror caramel cake & chocolate torte with chantilly cream), Zero Maria Cornejo (orange and white chocolate tiramisu), and Fendi (striped cake with chocolate roses). Click through to Fly 16×9 for the video (warning: autoplays). [via today and tomorrow]

—Paula Forbes

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