Reconnecting Communities with Food: La Ruche qui Dit Oui

Natalie Ortiz, MSC, exposes in her article an entrepreneurship study of a  French industrial designer who is also a chef. Guilhem Chéron has devised a brilliant solution for bringing together food producers and the communities that depend on them. The initiative was published by the Design Management Institute and is available here.


Here are some important questions I got from the article:

  1. “links between food and agriculture and farmers and citizens.”
  2. “social and sustainable innovations around food.”
  3. “designing systems and services”
  4. “development of solutions based in local communities and contexts in which the designer empowers individual and other social actors (service providers, institutions) to generate social quality.”
  5. “The producer receives exactly the price he asks for; 20 percent is added to this price; and from that 20 percent, 10 percent goes to the leader of the community hive, 7 percent to the Ruche headquarters, and 3 percent for paying taxes and bank fees.”
  6. “network of farmers and customers”
  7. “They value traceability”
  8. “one of the most important aspects for designers involved in social innovation and entrepreneurship is the ability to look at the bigger picture and strive to solve problems where they originate—to focus on solving problems rather than consequences.”
  9. “The ruche network is an example of what Ezio Manzini calls SLOC: small, local, open, and connected.”