Ariel: Fresh


In order to demonstrate Ariel with a touch of Downy’s specially formulated fragrance of just-washed laundry, and the fact that it lasts for up to 5 days, Saatchi & Saatchi, Dubai created special packages that resembled the fresh produce commonly displayed in supermarket aisles. While doing their weekly groceries, shoppers were surprised to find a new variety of produce: freshly laundered clothing.

Advertising Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Creative Directors: Maru Kopelowicz, Sion Scott-Wilson
Copywriter: Bianca de Silva
Art Directors: Christopher Jones, Masa Al-Kutobi
Additional credits: Leah Gacal, Jihad Hamza, Joanne Miserandino, Stephane Wahlen, Hamid Naqvi, Heidi Afifi, Sameh Goubran, Muhammed Jifri, Hema Patel
Published: February 2010


DRL: Heart, Eye, Kidney



“Don’t treat Diabetes to your heart. People with Diabetes are 2 to 4 times likely to get heart diseases than people without Diabetes. So, visit your doctor regularly and prevent Heart diseases.”

Advertising Agency: Greenroom Advertising, Mumbai, India
Creative Director: Maheindra Thakur
Art Director: Maheindra Thakur
Copywriter: Prasad Pradhan
Visualizer: Sachin Lambole
Account Head: Nikhil Ameer
Published: March 2010


Fitness World: Steps

Advertising Agency: Inkognito, Copenhagen, Denmark
Creative Director: Thomas Kolster
Art Director: Heinrich Vejlgaard
Copywriter: Thomas Kolster
Published: November 2009


La Cucina Italiana: Santa Claus, Befana

“The real protagonists this festive season will be your dishes. La Cucina Italiana.”

Advertising Agency: D’Adda, Lorenzini, Vigorelli, BBDO, Milan, Italy
Creative Directors: Federico Pepe, Stefania Siani
Art Director: Pier Giuseppe Gonni
Copywriter: Lorenzo Crespi
Photographer / Illustrator: Alessandro Bavari


Sunlight Anti-bacterial Dishwashing Liquid: Plate, Lunch Box, Chopsticks

“Sometimes bad things happen to good plates.”

Advertising Agency: Lowe Bull, Johannesburg, South Africa
Creative Director: Rui Alves
Art Director: Juliet Honey, Miguel Nunes
Copywriter: Konstant Van Huyssteen
Photographer: Mark Lanning
Published: June 2009

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Smells Like Cookies At The Bus Stop

Scented bus shelter advertisements smelling of just-out-of-the-oven chocolate chip cookies made their U.S. debut.

Five San Francisco bus shelters were equipped on Monday with ads embedded with the scent of cookies, according Louis Zafonte, spokesman for New York-based Arcade Marketing, which designed the ads.

The campaign was launched by the California Milk Processor Board.

“Scent is a primary driver of memory,” Zafonte said. “When you smell baby powder or chocolate chip cookies, everyone feels good.”

To overcome the frequent blasts of exhaust and the funky whiffs that often permeate a big-city bus shelter, scented oils were sandwiched between cardboard cards emblazoned with “Got Milk?” and affixed to shelter walls.

It costs about $30 per shelter, Zafonte said, and the smell should last one to two weeks depending on the location. The displays will last about a month.

There is nothing new about scent marketing — using smell to sell. Trying to lead people by the nose subliminally is a growing advertising technique, reports CBS News correspondent John Blackstone.

Critics have complained the ads could be offensive to the poor and homeless who cannot afford to buy sweet treats.

But shoppers near San Francisco’s Union Square shelter simply thought the ads were cute.

Nick Fedoroff, 32, said the smell might improve business at the Mrs. Fields cookie store a few steps away from the bus stop.

“I’m sure they’ll be happy,” he said. “It smells like they’re right out of the oven.”

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Madonna per la nuova campagna di Dolce&Gabbana

Lo sfondo è quello consueto: la classica Sicilia. Indaffarata con i lavori domestici troviamo una singolare Madonna.
Miss Ciccone è stata infatti immortalata nei panni di una mamma casalinga dall’obiettivo di Steven Klein per la nuova campagna di Dolce e Gabbana. Una donna come tante altre, lontana dalla Madonna sexy, regina del pop, che siamo abituati a vedere.

Madonna for Dolce&Gabbana new campaign

The background is familiar: the classic Sicily. Busy with the housework, we find an unusual Madonna.
In fact Miss Ciccone has been immortalized in the shoes of a housewife by Steven Klein for Dolce&Gabbana new campaign. A woman like many others, far from sexy Madonna, queen of pop, we’re used to seeing.

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The Economist Uses Pizza Boxes To Encourage Students To “Get A World View”

by Vito Rispo


The Economist is one of my top five favorite magazines, I read it regularly. I also live in the Philadelphia area and eat pizza quite often. So I’m excited about The Economist’s new advertising plan: they connected with over 20 pizzerias in the Greater Philadelphia area, most of them near collegecampuses or dorms, and supplied them with Economist-branded pizza boxes. Each box has a pie chart that connects pizza consumption with global economics and politics. They encourage people to “Get A World View”.

This kind of ambient advertising is always interesting. Publipizz, a maker of advertising pizza boxes, estimates that a box of pizza is looked at by 3 people for at least 8 minutes and results in an 80% memory retention rate. Plus, boxes with advertising on them are less expensive for pizzerias, which makes them more likely to join in.


I really love this idea. Pizza eaters will get to learn what it took to get that pizza to their stomachs. But the idea is more than just informing consumers about pizza production; it’s about getting youth interested in the news, economy, politics. Plus it reinforces how big a part capitalism plays in all our lives. Too often people, usually young people, forget how the free market brings people together, and they dismiss capitalism as a bad thing. Hopefully a small thing like these pizza boxes will help students realize how markets bring us all together.

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Milk Carton Postcards Project


From Malaysia-based design firm, Grass Studio: a series of die cut postcards for Dasein Academy of Art that fold into miniature milk cartons.

As Dasein’s marketing communication demands more from postcard designs but production budget keep shrinking, we decided to recycle this die cut block & extend the idea into other low budget greeting occasions. Turns out, the project became a collection series that is highly sought after.


text: Milk the year of golden cow with prosperity.

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A che santo ti voti?

San Dwich (sotto), San Dalo, San Gria e San Itario.
Non ridete: è una cosa seria. I quattro “strani” santi sono i testimonial di una campagna per la buona educazione in Chiesa, ideata dall’agenzia di Armando Testa. «Ogni “santino” è un modello di comportamento» dice Michele Mariani, il direttore creativo dell’agenzia. «San Dwich invita a non masticare durante le funzioni, San Dalo a un abbigliamento idoneo, San Gria alla sobrietà, San Itario a non fare rumori».
Non sarà un po’ irriverente? «Forse» risponde Mariani. «La forma è provocatoria, ma il fine è buono».

Le cartoline coi santini si trovano nei locali per i giovani di Milano, Torino e Roma.

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Campagna contro le mine sulle bustine di ketchup

Realizzata dall’Agenzia Australiana Publicis Mojo per la campagna contro le mine anti­uomo dell’Organizzazione Non Governativa neozelandese Calm. Aprendo la bustina di ketchup, oltre all’effetto sangue che esce, dato dal contenuto, nella realtà, togliamo lo spigolo della bustina che corrisponde al piede del ragazzino posto in fotografia, esattamente quello che succede nella realtà. Sulla bustina, frasi molto taglienti, ricordano che ogni 22 minuti, qualcuno subisce una menomazione a causa dello scoppio di una mina.
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Scary Ketchup and more talking food idents for FSA

Mark Denton of COY! has shot a series of fun new idents for the Food Standards Agency (FSA) that sees various foods conversing with one another to comic effect…Written by ad agency RKCR, each of the eight FSA idents are split in half, with the first half of each appearing at the beginning of an ad break in the Good Food Channel’s Family Supercooks program – and the second half denoting the end of the adbreak. Here are our favourite two from the series – although it’s the Ketchup / Fishfinger one that provoked the most glee here at CR towers…

And here are the links to watch the rest:

Talking Potatoes

Talking Apricots

Talking Sausages

Talking Drumsticks

Talking Beans


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