Milan’s Salone del Mobile Welcomes Foodies


Day 1: Not only the biggest names in design seem to be paying more attention to the ever-growing community of international gourmands, but many small culinary realities are choosing this week to present their latest projects. For instance via Tortona has been transformed into a food hub open to the public, where the most contemporary bars and restaurants of the area like California Bakery andGod Save the Food are making their goods available for the everyone to try.

Mi Gusto’s installation at the corner of Via Tortona with Via Bergognone does exactly the same by creating a site-specific farmers experience. A few meters further, in via Savona 50, Lavazza has installed an entire showroom where coffee lovers will be able to taste the company’s most whimsical blends for the entire week. Chefs like Massimo Bottura, Antonino Cannavacciuolo and Davide Oldani, are making a presence this morning in order to dedicate one hour to coffee lovers.


The ones who will be in the area this afternoon, shouldn’t miss Libreria 121 in Via Savona 17. The bookshop has dedicated this week to the food designer Martí Guixé, who will be there for the presentation of his new book, Transition Menu, starting from 17.30.

Moving towards Brera, things get more institutional. Beopenfuture presented with a private cocktail its Be Open Theatre: an event hosted by Moroso and Kvadrat, where the Copenhagen based collective I’m A Kombo served refreshing drinks and treats in a set up created by Patricia Urquiola. Taking place at Moroso’s showroom in Via Pontaccio 8, the event is open to the public starting from today.

Via Fine Dining Lovers

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English EcoDesign Master student in PoliTo - Politecnico di Torino - Turin, Italy. In a double-degree agreement between PoliTo and the University of Minas Gerais, Brazil. In Brazil, took part in projects like "Design e integração competitiva do território - Estrada Real". This project is a government initiative in order to use the Design approach in order to bring value regarding specific aspects of the State of Minas Gerais in Brazil. The territory context is the Estrada Real. Also worked in the University of Minas Gerais' Research Center of Theory, Culture and Design in projects related to the use of Design in cultural aspects of the State of Minas Gerais aiming to enhance products related to the Food Sector. Portugês Graduando no curso Master em EcoDesign pelo Politécnico de Turim, Itália (Polito). Bolsista dentro do acordo de dupla titulação entre a Universidade do Estado de Minas Gerais e o Politecnico di Torino com apoio da FAPEMIG. Atuou como bolsista do Projeto "Design e integração competitiva do território - Estrada Real", projeto do Centro Minas Design em parceria com o Polito. Ravi Bellardi também é atuante no desenvolvimento do projeto Estudo de Aspectos Culturais de Minas Gerais Visando à Valorização de Produtos Relacionados ao Setor Alimentício Através do Design com financiamento da FAPEMIG e apoio da UEMG. Ravi Bellardi desenvolve trabalhos tanto de caráter acadêmico, quanto de caráter de extensão com a orientação da Profa. Dra. Lia Krucken juntamente ao Centro de Teoria, Pesquisa & Cultura em Design da Escola de Design da Universidade do Estado de Minas Gerais.


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