Vergennes Laundry

40907_11_12_VergennesLaundry17178‘‘EVERYTHING STARTS OUT RAW and goes straight on the tart,’’ says Julianne Jones, explaining why her pastries have gained a cult following. At Vergennes Laundry, the bakery Jones opened in 2010 with her French husband, Didier Murat, in a former laundromat in Vergennes, Vt., all tarts are made to order with the freshest seasonal ingredients.

40867_11_12_VergennesLaundry17073Summer brings berries or tomatoes; the spring months asparagus with goat cheese and mint. In fall and winter it’s Gilfeather turnips, potatoes, rosemary and crème fraîche. Jones won’t use glaze, and she insists on an open kitchen. ‘‘I prefer that somebody can see the tart as I’m making it,’’ she says.


41157_11_12_VergennesLaundry18022‘‘They see the bag of potatoes or the crate of berries. They see the wheel of cheese.’’ Though Jones and Murat are also renowned for their slow-rise bread and nougat, a few locals have yet to register the boulangerie. ‘‘We still have people come in with their laundry bags from time to time,’’ Murat says.


A little more about Vergenes Laudry before it came true, Julianne Jones & Didier Murat.


40617_11_12_VergennesLaundry16826Photos by The Selby

Text by NY Times

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