Electrolux Design Lab 2013



Through Electrolux Design Lab  2013, we are calling on design students worldwide to compete for a six-month paid internship and prize money by submitting ideas for a design solution that considers evolving challenges set to shape our future. We are excited to announce that for this year’s theme we have chosen the growth of ‘urbanisation’, where space is becoming limited as an increasing number of the population shift from living in open rural locations into densely populated areas. We have asked design students to answer the question ‘what role can design play to ensure that we are prepared and equipped for this social adaptation?’

For the first time since the competition began ten years ago, we are offering the applicants three focus areas to choose from within the theme of ‘urbanisation’ – social cooking, natural air and effortless cleaning. Plus, in 2013, the brief goes beyond the traditional ‘industrial design’ category and includes consumables and services.



For us at Electrolux it is important to view design from a broad perspective; all design solutions that enhance the lifestyles and living environments of our consumers are relevant for us to explore. This is why we want to expand the Design Lab competition in 2013 and invite ideas for products, accessories, consumables and services within these three key focus areas for future households.

What’s new for Design Lab 2013


  • Taking concepts from further afield:
    The entry can be a product, accessory, consumable or service, which allows design students from different fields of design to be creative in their approach in finding innovative design solutions for future households.
  • Online competition hub:
    The best submissions will be published online, offering the students and the public a chance to promote their submissions through social media.
  • The concept development process:
    The competition divides the design process into stages, allowing the applicants to concentrate on different areas throughout the process. The first focus is on creating the concept, leading through to the visual presentation and technical specifications, allowing the top submissions to continue to develop during the competition.
  • Feedback from Electrolux professionals:
    As the judging is being conducted in different stages, only the best entrants will proceed to the next round in the competition. Electrolux professionals will be part of the selection process and will choose the best submissions. They will engage themselves in the competition by giving feedback to the entrants, encouraging them throughout the process.


The submission deadline for the first competition stage, a concept description and a sketch, is 15th March 2013. The submission page will open in February, more information to be followed on this page. For more information regarding the theme and the competition rules, please see the 2013 brief2013 student presentation and 2013 competition rules sections. We wish the best of luck to all of those taking part in the competition!


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Informazioni su ravibellardi

English EcoDesign Master student in PoliTo - Politecnico di Torino - Turin, Italy. In a double-degree agreement between PoliTo and the University of Minas Gerais, Brazil. In Brazil, took part in projects like "Design e integração competitiva do território - Estrada Real". This project is a government initiative in order to use the Design approach in order to bring value regarding specific aspects of the State of Minas Gerais in Brazil. The territory context is the Estrada Real. Also worked in the University of Minas Gerais' Research Center of Theory, Culture and Design in projects related to the use of Design in cultural aspects of the State of Minas Gerais aiming to enhance products related to the Food Sector. Portugês Graduando no curso Master em EcoDesign pelo Politécnico de Turim, Itália (Polito). Bolsista dentro do acordo de dupla titulação entre a Universidade do Estado de Minas Gerais e o Politecnico di Torino com apoio da FAPEMIG. Atuou como bolsista do Projeto "Design e integração competitiva do território - Estrada Real", projeto do Centro Minas Design em parceria com o Polito. Ravi Bellardi também é atuante no desenvolvimento do projeto Estudo de Aspectos Culturais de Minas Gerais Visando à Valorização de Produtos Relacionados ao Setor Alimentício Através do Design com financiamento da FAPEMIG e apoio da UEMG. Ravi Bellardi desenvolve trabalhos tanto de caráter acadêmico, quanto de caráter de extensão com a orientação da Profa. Dra. Lia Krucken juntamente ao Centro de Teoria, Pesquisa & Cultura em Design da Escola de Design da Universidade do Estado de Minas Gerais.


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