A house that grows its own food on the walls

This is a house that not only generates its own power but also allows you to grow your own vegetables and teas on the side of the house.  It isn’t too often that you can just walk outside and pick green tea or arugula off the siding.

Rios Clementi Hale Studios has created “the Incredible Edible House”.  Inhabitat has dubbed this “the Incredible Edible House of the Future” and rightly so.  This house has all of the sustainable environmental features envisioned for houses of the future but aren’t easily found now.

Basic RGB

The house is a three-story prefabricated container house.  The prefab containers are stacked on top of each other with three distinct living areas within the whole structure.  The bottom container is used for dining and living areas, the middle for bedrooms, and the top for office space and a garden deck.

On top of the house are vertical axis wind turbines as well as a PV paneled awning that not only generates energy but provides shade.  The roof has an evaporative reservoir and one outside wall has a vertical hydroponic panel that covers all three living spaces to help with cooling.  Special adjustable win-doors are built in to provide variable amounts of cross ventilation.

On the other side of a breezeway is a vertical garden.  Hanging down the side of the house are strips of hydroponic skin that grow fruits and vegetables.  Outside the top office space is a deck that allows the occupants to oversee the garden.  Each level has an area that allows the residents to pick various items for meals. Weeding the garden, however, might be a hazardous activity.

All of the pieces put together create a house that is self sustaining with renewable energy and resources drawn from mother nature.  Rain water can be used for the hydroponic wall, evaporative reservoir on the roof, and watering the plants on the vertical garden.  The rehabing and prefabing of shipping containers cuts down on waste and recycles items that otherwise would simply sit in a landfill.

The cost of a house like this would probably be astronomical with all of the special features and energy generating equipment.  Whatever the cost, the house is truly a sustainable residence.  Hopefully, houses like this will become more affordable as the various technology used, comes down in price.

Via tech.blorge.com

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