FOODAM | Food Design & Art Museum – FOODforFUTURE 2011


Saturday 16 Aprile from 7.30pm – thanks to the collaboration with Pentole Agnelli, the internationally renowned chef Peter Brunel will take center-stage with a series of culinary interpretations exploring the role of food design in defining the future of food, through the creation of a series of innovative dishes.
Before the event, from 6.30pm, the presentation of the project Taste No Waste by Diane Bisson, anthropologist and director of the Food Design laboratory in the Faculty of Industrial Design at the University of Montreal.

FOODforFUTURE casts a gaze at the broad and expressive direction in which food design is headed through the presentation of works selected for inclusion in the FOODforFUTURE, exhibition scheduled to open in 2012.
Amongst the projects on show: Uli Westphal’s voyage of discovery in the world of extraordinary and seemingly monstrous plant varieties; info-graphics based on nutritional information by Ffunction; the dishes made from recycled tea and coffee grounds by Matthijs Vogels; the field training of Mexican farmers presented by Paolo Galdi Deafel with NGOs; the attempt to bring the insects to our dining tables and the visions of the future by Jorien Kemerink;  the calculation of  water consumption in our food choices as presented by Timm Kekeritz Timm; the poetry of this symbolic meeting by Hanna Seo; the cultural exchange program as seen through as ‘culinary’ filter by Abby Sturges; the discussions and debates about environmental impact as presented by Nicola Twilley & Sarah Rich;  a new way to shop while considering waste products by Federica Rastelli, of the informative graphics by Good Magazine; the intelligent and versatile cook-tops created by Goran Bjelajac. And the surreal creations of Stephane Bureaux

FOODAM | Food Design & Art Museum is the ambitious project of FOODA creation to explore the communicative and technological possibilities of food across different contexts: artistic, scientific, social and gastronomic with the goal of promoting awareness in the design of ‘alimentary acts’.
The projects and events that make up the exhibition are aimed at assisting the public to imagine the food in the future, and the impact it will have on aesthetics, culture and the environment as an indivisible whole.  It assists us in understanding that what is beautiful must also be good and sustainable. It allows us to assess our actions and our consumption from a perspective within an emotional and historic context

The welfare of both humankind and the environment depend on an understanding of the economic, social and cultural implications of the emerging field of food design. To obtain that well-being is the driving force behind design.

FOODA | Food Design Association was founded to promote understanding of those instruments which accompany the agro-alimentary dynamic in the industrial world. For over a century these factors have contributed to the birth and transformation of culinary culture, lifestyles and forms of socialization.

The design of ‘alimentary acts’ has a vast cultural and environmental impact, affecting not only the finished food industry, but also underlying processes in the production and distribution of food, as well as its aesthetic, moral and economic implications: the degree of popularity of a fizzy drink in Asia impacts on the cost of the oranges in Europe; the color selected for baby formula has an effect on the national health expenditure of a nation; the graphic layout of the label on food has an impact on CO2 emissions; the shape and taste of the apples we eat depends on the level of understanding and awareness of biological diversity.  Our identity and the world which surrounds us depend on what we eat.

Pentole Agnelli is sponsor of FOODforFUTURE. Since 1907 Pentole Agnelli has built a reputation in Italy for its kitchen tools and utensils, aimed primarily at a professional public.  Braising, stewing, frosting, baking, whisking or sauteing – over the last 100 years Agnelli has created high-quality products dedicated to assisting these activities with both rigor and simplicity. The company aims to ‘speak the language’ of Italian cuisine in all of its local variants. Agnelli views cuisine as more than a simple art form; it is part of the historic memory of a culture and its territory, of a nation and its traditions. We are pleased to collaborate with this Agnelli – a company with a unique passion and ability to understand the possibilities of design and the relationship between form and function in the creation of kitchen tools and utensils.

BIN-BAG – Federica Rastelli
FOODPRINT PROJECT – Nicola Twilley & Sarah Rich
MEET THE FOOD YOU EAT –  Eilidh Dickson, Siddharth Muthyala and Adam Little at the Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design
MUTATOES – Uli Westphal
SIDECOOKER – Goran Bjelajac
TASTE NO WASTE – Diane Bisson
TCC1 & TCC2 – Stephane Bureaux
TECHFOOD – Jorien Kemerink
THE STORY OF BOTTLED WATER – The Story of Stuff Project
WASTE WARE – Matthijs Vogels

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Informazioni su FOODA

FOODA – Associazione per il Food Design – è un’organizzazione di progettisti, studiosi, comunicatori, aziende e istituzioni con fuoco sullo studio, la progettazione e l’innovazione degli Atti Alimentari. FOODA promuove la cultura progettuale degli Atti Alimentari assolvendola a elemento culturale, economico e ambientale di fondamentale importanza per la società contemporanea e futura, dando impulso all’innovazione di processo e di prodotto e potenziando le competenze degli operatori del settore. Obiettivo di FOODA è definire la disciplina del Food Design, il ruolo e le competenze del Food Designer; incrementare la consapevolezza, lo studio, la ricerca e l’interdisciplinarietà all’interno del paradigma degli Atti Alimentari promuovendo una corretta gestione e una progettazione sostenibile dei processi, dei prodotti e degli immaginari legati al cibo. FOODA intende perseguire i suoi obiettivi per mezzo di iniziative culturali, progetti di studio e ricerca autonomi e in cooperazione con enti e aziende, fornendo formazione e informazione professionale ai suoi soci, consulenza specializzata agli operatori del settore.


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