How Much Does Beer Consumption Vary by Country?

Czech Republic Ireland Germany Australia United Kingdom United States
Canada South Africa Mexico Japan Brazil China

The chart above displays the relative beer consumption per person for the specified countries. As you can see, there are huge variations in consumption by country. The average person in the Czech Republic, for example, consumes about seven times as much beer as the average Chinese person. The chart below shows more detailed statistics (Source: Kirin Holdings Company, 2004).

Beer Consumption by Country
Country Bottles Per Person
Per Week
Czech Replublic 8.5
Ireland 7.1
Germany 6.3
Australia 6.0
United Kingdom 5.4
United States 4.4
Canada 3.7
South Africa 3.2
Mexico 2.8
Japan 2.8
Brazil 2.6
China 1.2




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