bag for plants

the transportable garden

BACSAC® was born when french designer godefroy de virieu met landscapers
louis de fleurieu and virgile desurmont. together, they searched for an alternative
solution to avoid the constraints of creating a roof garden in town (taking into
consideration difficulties of transport, excessive weight, etc).

BACSAC® – bacsquare
image © designboom

the idea of planting in bags emerged from the desire to change habits and valorize
what should be, the plant itself. they then start the manufacturing of bags made
from permeable/porous geo-textile that prevents asphyxiation of the soil.

the new square collection was recently shown at maison et objet 2010 in paris.

BACSAC® – bacsquare

BACSAC® – bacsquare
image © designboom

BACSAC® rolled up
image © designboom

image © designboom

BACSAC® – bacsquare – nature in a bag


image © designboom

BACSAC® comes in various shapes and sizes
image © designboom

image © designboom

BACSAC® can be used to pot plants
image © designboom

the circular version of  BACSAC®

the complete BACSAC® collection

the complete BACSAC® collection

technical characteristics:
protect the roots
let the soil breathe
let the water pass through
limit evaporation
tear and traction resistant

BACSAC® is a registered trademark and all images which are not taken by designboom are of
copyright of BACSAC®.




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