Paanpati: chairs and tables made of bread


Spanish industrial designer Enoc Armengol has designed and prototyped “Panpaati,” a set of edible furniture comprising of two chairs and a side table. With a nod to Dali, Marten Baas, and Hansel and Gretel, the skinny forms are sculpted from dough and baked into bread. It doesn’t appear that the furniture is capable of holding any real weight, but then again, it’s food, not furniture, right? Or is it a formal study? Or simply a positioning statement? Enoc Armengol fosters this ambiguity in the project description: Panpaati. Every piece forms a living, organic, natural structure, which suffers the alterations on having interacted with the environment, humans, animals…This is food! It creates a vital cycle, which it’s born, lives, and dies without leaving rest. 100% alive matter. 100% biodegradable. The work is formed by a set of common furniture, composed by two chairs and one table, these turn automatically into the core of a synergy of shared actions, both internal and external, that modify the initial form constantly. Somehow this installation can be a clear reflect from the actual society and production process. Fast, and the short-time life of the current, almost ephemeral furniture. Nevertheless, these pieces can also be eaten becoming part of the living process. What we really want to see is a process video—how was this baked? Is it leavened or unleavened? How long to prepare? How big was the oven? Does it taste like a pretzel? Sourdough? To Armengol’s credit, the idea of edible accoutrements aren’t entirely preposterous and reminds us in some ways of Injera, the Ethiopian tablecloth-sized pancake bread used for both serving and eating.



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