The Top 10 Sightings of Religious Figures in Food

Have you noticed how baristas are getting way more creative with coffee foam these days? The guys at Flat White are practically artists when it comes to swirly patterns. So, of course, last time we were in there we had to ask them if they could do us a Jesus. The idea being that we could then sell the result on eBay for thousands of pounds.

Well, we ended up drinking the coffee, but we got a photo first and we think you’ll agree they did a pretty good job. And of course it gives us an excuse to go over our favourite religions icon in food from the past few years…


If the Jesus’s mum was going to make herself known to the world then it’s a pretty good bet she’d do it in the form of some kind of melted confectionary.

So who can blame Kitchen worker Cruz Jacinto for “getting the chills” when she spotted the Virgin Mary cradling a baby Jesus under a vat at Angiano’s gourmet chocolate in California.

The unusually shaped cast-off bore an uncanny resemblance to the prayer card she always carries in her right pocket and caused her workmates to begin “praying, and placing rose petals and candles around the figure”.

Now, praying and placing rose petals we can understand, but putting candles around a chocolate miracle, is that really wise?


This spooky apparition of the Virgin Mary was found by Floridian Diana Duyer in September 1994.

The woman who discovered this sacred snack placed it in “a clear plastic box with cotton balls and kept it on her night stand”. She swears that the godly grilled cheese delight never sprouted a single spore of mould.

The sandwich sold on eBay in 2004, for a whopping $28,000.


The 42 year old New Orleans man who found this slightly fishy apparition was going through a messy divorce at the time and took it as a sign of hope.

We say, maybe stop looking for religious icons in seafood and maybe you’ll have better look with the ladies fella.


This cinnamon bun bearing a striking resemblance to Blessed Teresa of Calcutta (or the ‘nun bun’ for short) was discovered in Bongo Java Coffee, Tennessee in 1996.

It was proudly displayed in a glass case until it was stolen last year.


If you’re thinking this image of the Son of God in lager foam just might be a little too good to be true, well then you’d be right.

It was created by the Churches’ Advertising Network (CAN) as part of a Christmas advertising campaigndesign to provoke “thought and debate among young people about where and how people find God.”

It just made us want to go to the pub.


40-year-old Fred Whan of Ontario Canada discovered this gem after he burnt the fish sticks he was cooking for his kids.

“No one wanted them because they were burned,” he said. “So I thought I’d better give them to the dogs.”. At first he thought it resembled “a rock star” but changed his mind when his son pointed out that it looked more like a slightly charred Christ.


We had to include this Jesus in a Pringle, spotted by a clergyman’s daughter-in-law from Florida who refused to eat the Messianic munchie and so stored it in a jar instead.


Pierogi is apparently “a variety of Slavic semicircular boiled dumplings of unleavened dough stuffed with varying ingredients”… and sometimes one of those ingredients can be Jesus!

Donna Lee of Toledo Ohio found this particular edible miracle when she was cooking one Palm Sunday in 2005.


“When I saw it I got goose pimples,” said 35-year-old Michael Cartwright when he glimpsed the son of God in the foil of his bottle of Cider (the report doesn’t mention just how many bottles he’d consumed before he got to this one).

Unfortunately this remarkable (and refreshing!) artifact was lost to the world after being “collected by a barmaid when no one was paying attention.”


And we finish where we began: with some holy chocolate drippings.

This time the saviour of the world chose to unveil his likeness himself of the side of a cup of hot chocolate.

Apparently “thousands flocked” to the house in Columbia where J.C. was discovered on a mug the week before Easter.

Proof positive that Jesus loves everyone, even messy eaters.

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