Cityfood de Bijlmer Amsterdam 2007

Cityfood Basel 2005
In the street where Filiale is located there are a lot vegetable shops from different nationalities. During the project Enough Room For Space in Basel we collected edible plants in the city of Basel and made our own city-food shop. We put these plants in tradeboxes and crates. With all the plants we created a shop in the garage space of Filiale. With this action we tried to investigate the ‘natural resources’ in a city and our knowledge about them. The interaction with visitors of the Cityfood shop lead to interesting discussions about the relation towards nature and it’s resources in different cultures. The shop was refreshed several times with new plants and spices. The plants were not for sale, but free to take on your own risk.

Rucola in the Bijlmer

Cityfood Amsterdam 2007
During our research for edible and medical plants in the Bijlmer we discovered how people are self supporting in their daily food supply. A public space next to the highway squatted by anarchistic Catholics who host and supply illegal immigrants with food of their garden, vegetables planted in public parks by several communities, special Suriname vegetables planted in barbecue zones; in the Bijlmer some inhabitants plant their food supply in the surroundings. The Utopian ideas of Le Corbusier about the green zones and garden lots in the neighborhood are adjusted into new forms of gardening. We didn’t publish the locations of the illegal gardens but instead used these findings to develop a proposal for new public furniture.

Prototype for public furniture

We added a unit for compost, a tool box, and some other small elements; it became a prototype to promote the type of city gardening we encountered in the Bijlmer. During the public events of the project the table was used to exchange knowledge and ideas in relation to edible weeds and gardening in the city.

Inside view of the installation at Filiale

Cityfood de Bijlmer Amsterdam 2007
Concept / Realisation: Marjolijn Dijkman / Aletta de Jong (NL)
Exhibition: The Go-Between
Organisation: CTP,  De Appel Amsterdam, NL
Participating artists: Gustavo Artigas, Marjolijn Dijkman, Diego Fernandez, Jos De Gruyter, Mark Hosking, San Keller, Frank Koolen, Surasi Kusolwong, Daragh Reeves, Harald Thys
Location: De Bijlmer, Amsterdam, NL
Period: May 2007

Cityfood Basel 2005
Concept / Realisation: Marjolijn Dijkman / Aletta de Jong (NL) / Dunja Herzog (CH)
Organisation: Marjolijn Dijkman, Dagmar Heppner (D), Karin Hueber (CH), Noëlle Pia (CH), Kilian Rüthemann(CH), Maja Wismer (CH)
Location: Filiale, Basel, Switserland
Period: June 2005

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