Long eggs

It is now possible to make nice egg slices easily and efficiently. Long egg is made of fresh eggs by using a special technique that separates egg white and egg yolk. Both white and yolk are baked and formed into a long bar that is frozen after cooling down. This will ensure the freshness and shape of the product.

Long egg is an efficient and easily useable product. No boiling, cooling or pealing of eggs. What’s more, the long egg is sliced in all its length and every slice has the same size. In slicing a normal boiled egg, ends make up about 40% waste.

Preservation and use of a long egg is easy since in individual packages it can be well preserved in cold and only the necessary quantity can be de-frosted.


Sales lot: 10*300 g=3 kg

Package: Cardboard box: long eggs are separately in a vacuum package.

Dimensions of a single package: Length 20 cm, diameter 4.5 cm, weight 300 g.

Ingredients: Egg.

Additives: Salt and acid regulator.

Average nutritional value: 100 g of product contains: 590 kJ energy, 12 g protein, 10 g fat, 0-1 g hydrocarbons.

Preservation: 12 months at temperatues under -18°C.

De-frosting: Recommended de-frosting in a refrigerator for 24 hours at temperatures +2…+5°C.

Preservation after de-frosting: Recommended in a refrigerator: 8 days in unopened package and 2 days after package is opened.

via | emuna.ee



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