Foodie Apocalypse: elBulli Closing

By Hailey Eber

Hold off on buying those Barcelona tickets for 2012. Chef Ferran Adria announced yesterday that he would be closing elBulli, his famed three-Michelin-Star restaurant on the Costa Brava. As if it weren’t already impossible to get a reservation, now the place will be closed for two years, from 2012 to 2014.

Named the best restaurant in the world five times byRestaurant magazine, elBulli is also one of the most difficult reservations in the world. Getting a table is an epic feat. It’s only open about half the year, and dinner reservations for every table during that opening period are assigned in a single day. The restaurant receives about a million reservation requests for eight thousand spots. Dinner costs 230 euro for a parade of about 30 courses

Making the announcement at Madrid Fusion, an international culinary conference, Adria, considered the father of molecular gastronomy, caught the cooking set a bit surprise. It’s been rumored for years that big daddy might shut down, but the news was still a shock. Adria says he and his team will use the time off to develop new ideas and figure out where to go next. “When we come back in 2014,” he said, “it’s not going to be the same.” The team’s previous creations include whimsical, technical works like olive oil caviar, popcorn clouds, and frozen Gorgonzola globes. “We still want to be creating in 2020,” Adria said in the announcement, “but for that to be possible, we have to normalize our lives.”




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