Top 10 Songs About Food (But Not Buildings)

Books about food; art about food; movies about food. What about songs about food? Here’s 10 songs to put on your foodie playlist. For this list–which is in no particular order–children’s songs, instrumentals and songs using food as a euphemism for, em, other activities, have been excluded. Also don’t look for more well known songs such as Eat It and Spam, as we’ve sought out a menu of the somewhat less familiar.

10. Lasagna – “Weird Al” Yankovic. Lynwood’s own has done many food themed songs, enough for a compilation (The Food Album), but this list of familiar Italian items to the tune of La Bamba gets the edge.

9. Chicken Necks – Don & Juan. Originally recorded by The Genies (of which “Don” was a member), a man lamenting that his wife won’t cook anything other than certain poultry parts: “Chicken heads, chicken feet, chicken necks is all I eat.”, later adding: “she never cooks any collard greens, no potatoes, no Lima beans.”

8. Soul Food – Albert Collins. Cornbread, biscuits, mashed potatoes, candied yams, turnip greens and chitlins all get mentioned is this song by the Texas blues guitarist. “I see a man headed ‘cross the track, food was so good, I see he’s comin’ back.”

7. Pita City Falafel – Parry Gripp. With an entire album of pseudo-jingles, many of them food related (waffles, donuts, nachos, pizza, raisins), there are many to choose from, but I pick this 37 second ditty to a tune reminiscent of The Clash’s Clash City Rockers.

6. Hungry Man – Louis Jordan & His Tympany Five. Another man who recorded several songs about food was this jump blues/r&b pioneer. In this number written by Bobby Troup (who also wrote Route 66), he describes in rhyme where he goes to get certain foods: “I often fly up to the Maine coast, to get broiled lobster with some plain toast”…” ‘cos I’m such a hungry man.”

5. Two Triple Cheese, Side Order Fries – Commander Cody. An ode to his paradise, his favorite burger joint: “Pickles, onions and special secret sauce, what’s inside the patties’ only known to the boss.”

4. Dos Tacos – Augie Meyers. Opening with “Dos tacos de chorizo, por favor”, Meyers tells of a bad night (his girl left him, he’s drunk and now, hungry) that may still be salvaged by eating: “maybe some menudo, I’ve got to have some food…”

3. Sushi Bar Song – Shonen Knife. The Japanese pop-punk trio has done several food songs as well. This one excitedly looks forward to going to a sushi bar and reels off 22 sushi items ranging from akagai to uni…even natto.

2. Food – The Turtles. Led by two of Westchester High’s own, this song mentions at least 35 different foods – on either side of a brownie recipe.

1. Let’s Eat – Nick Lowe’s Last Chicken In The Shop. From the opening lines of “Hey everybody what ya doin’ tonight?, let’s stop talkin’ and go get a bite” to it’s catchy chorus of “Let’s eat, let’s eat, I want to move, move, move, move, move my teeth,” this obscure tune should be a foodies anthem.




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