Black Truffles All Day

I recently bought some fresh black truffles.

I bought quite a bit because I wanted to try and make some of my own truffle oil, salt, and honey. I use so many of these truffle products that I figured I should start preserving my own truffles. I also wanted to send a gift package to my aunt Sophia in Korea, who enjoys truffles products as well. Anthony Bourdain hates truffle oils. I was shocked to find this out because I, like a naive child, thought truffle oils were so tasty. Even professional chefs use them! I mean I still like truffle oil, but now I’m hearing that the flavor in truffle oils are mostly artificial. I wanted to experiment to see what the truffle oil would smell like if I made it myself.
I also have some simple, easy, and elegant ideas for serving fresh truffles, if you are in the mood to buy some. This post is a big contrast to the food I usually make on this blog (usually requiring a lot of my time and energy). Yep, the food pictured today is
something I think you’d actually want to try. I am often frustrated that the foods pictured in this blog don’t ever move off the page into people’s kitchens. Today that’s going to change! Simple food is usually the best. All of the recipes are available upon request in the comments section.


I am preparing to shave fresh truffles over heated olive oil.


I implemented the same process with making truffle honey, I heated some Acacia honey and then grated down truffles into it. I wanted to try something different from slicing, the way I did with the olive oil.


Pouring it into the jars. I have to say, that grating down the truffles worked better in terms of flavoring the honey. I think I should have done the same thing with the oil to get a stronger aroma.


Here is a snapshot of all the truffle oils, honey and salts I ended up making. The process of making the truffle salt was exactly the same as making the honey, except I didn’t heat the salt. All I did was grate the truffle and pulse it in the food processor to let it incorporate into the salt. This for some reason, allowed for the most potency. The oil or honey wasn’t as potent as the salt was. The salt really smelled like fresh truffles…Also, after making my own truffle oil, I realized the smell was indeed very different. The oil I made was closer to the smell of the actual truffle but a lot less potent. This, I’m thinking, is because I sliced the truffles instead of grating it into the oil. Also, I heated my oil to 120 f when I put my truffles in. Maybe it should have been hotter? I don’t know. I’m still researching this because I want to make my oil more flavorful. For now its good enough.

Getting A LITTLE playful here with the labeling. I used the visual language of prescription bottles to design these labels. I imagine if this was in a store, it would not be so attractive or convincing, haha.


Little travel packs, for when you need anything “truffle” when you’re on the plane or train..or car…or when you’re bored and you just want to smell something good.


So I had some fresh truffles left over, after I used them to preserve the flavor through oil, honey, and salt. This post is not really about getting too “complicated” or “inventive” in the kitchen. I remember several people saying they would like to eat the food featured on this blog, but they don’t necessarily want to put the effort into it. With these super simple ways to consume truffles, you really would have no excuse. Here is the list, the list corresponds to the tiers pictured. The 1st tier = 1st course listed below and so on..

  • Savory Truffle donuts for lunch
  • Sliced baby zucchini salad for lunch
  • White asparagus risotto for Dinner
  • English muffins toasted for breakfast, with truffle honey…

My breakfast usually consists of fresh coffee, toasted english muffins, and truffle honey.


Hario Coffee machine. This coffee maker and the process behind it is quite interesting, I thought I’d share it.

First place a flame. You fill the globe-like section of this device first with water and let it come to boil.

After it comes to a boil, it goes up to the top half of the coffee maker. Its weird how the water just travels up!
So after the water starts traveling up, this is when you open the top portion and put in the freshly ground coffee. In the right side of the picture you see it turned brownish cause this is exactly what I did.
_DSC4763 copy
You then remove the heat completely, and you just let it filter BACK down into globe. In this coffee making case.. “What goes up must come down”.. This theory should really mean you should not desire wanting to go “up” at all. Why do humans strive for anything..ever???? Are you sick of my stupid “food-to-life” metaphors yet? sorry….
So now the coffee has all filtered back down, and I can drink it! I do not start my day without at least 2 cups of coffee.


Now onto the Lunch portion…

The truffle donuts include a simple mixture of eggs, butter, dehydrated potato, flour, baking soda, salt, and parmesan cheese.
I’ve heated butter and then I put in the potato flour and flour and mixed it together. You sort of cook off the flour a bit first for this recipe.


After the potato and flour form a stiff mixture, you let it cool. Then you add your eggs, baking powder, and cheese and freshly grated truffles. Here is the exact process, I actually used 4 eggs for the real recipe but for picture purposes I only used one. It was very easy to make. Please request the exact measurements/recipe in the comments section if you are planning on making it, I will post it there.


Here are some ideas of how to present the lunch portion. Since the food is quite simple and plain (plain tasting food is usually used when cooking with truffles to let the truffles do the talking) I think there should be some extra attention paid to the presentation of it.
The truffle donuts and baby zucchini salad are served together.


These are the ingredients for the salad. It is so easy, even your guest can cook it at the table! Baby zucchini, semi-hard cheese (any type you like, just not anything TOO pungent), truffle oil, fresh truffles, and some salt.. Here is how you do it…
Now just shave your cheese over it..
Truffle oil
To finish, garnish with grated truffles.

After I mixed the batter, I used an ice cream scooper to fry my donuts. I then placed it in the oven at 375 F for about 30 minutes with a ton foil over it.

For dinner, maybe something more intimate and candlelit …maybe something for your girlfriend? A dude with fresh truffles on hand is usually a plus? I always said when I was younger to my mother (this was when I was really immature) that I wouldn’t date any guy who didn’t have fresh truffles to shave on my food at all times. My mother told me that truffles aren’t always in season anyway so I would just end up alone.


White wine, candles, risotto in box, potato and egg…You could also make the potato and egg for breakfast if you’re the fastidious type.

White asparagus risotto with fresh truffles. Again if you would like a recipe, please ask for it in the comments section.
This is a really common truffle paring. A fried cylindric potato with a quail egg placed on top and some truffle shavings. Its good because the potato and egg are super mild in flavor and really compliment the fresh truffles.

The story behind the nail gloves is interesting. You saw in my most recent imagefeed post that the nail gloves were originally created by Picasso, who had painted hands black to look like gloves and kept the nails apparent. Schiaparelli then co-opted the idea and created them into real fashion gloves, to give a cheeky, surreal note to outfits. Then, Anna Sara Davik, I’m guessing, co-opted Schiap’s idea and changed the colors to black leather and silver nails. Then, Dominic Jones co-opted the idea again by adding more holes into the knuckles. Interesting how this idea has been passed around, starting with Picasso’s idea to paint a woman’s hand to look like a glove. Oh visual puns!

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